Sunday Workouts 💪

Matthew Alfieri of Melbourne Florida – Light Heavyweight Boxer.

Sundays are typically a rest day. I dedicate two workouts to my Sundays. I start with the assisted pull up machine and set the assist weight to 80 LBS. This will make each pull-up seem like nothing. I do two sets of 50 and then one last set until burn. After pull-ups I move over to the smith-machine. With one 45 pound weight on each side I do 5 sets of 20. This concludes my Sunday workout as I have covered all upper body muscle groups.

Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida matt fl

Andrea & Matt

Andrea and I met in March of 2015. At the time I had just blindly moved to Melbourne, Florida. The state of New York was going further into debt and I was desperate to jump ship. One day in March, I decided to go to the beach with the few friends I had at the time. The idea of being on the beach in March always seemed so far fetched as I have never experienced a Floridian winter before. My two friends and I arrived at Coconuts on the Beach. It was then my one friend invited Andrea to join us. Having only ever experienced New York women, I was immediate attracted to Andrea’s kind and gentle nature. She was so different than the rough and hostile women I was used to.

We started dated on May 28th, 2015. Five years later we are now engaged. Andrea has changed my life for the better. She has helped me adapt to Florida living. She is a beautiful, cultured, southern sweetheart and I am truly blessed ❤️

My Favorite Core Workouts 👊🏽

No matter what workout I am doing, I always keep my core muscles flexed. While doing push ups, I keep my hips slightly elevated and my core tightened. While doing pull ups, I keep my legs at a 90 degree angle. My core is always getting a secondary workout.

Matt Alfieri of Melbourne, Florida

Abs are a fairly easy muscle to work out. Many athletes forget about obliques and lower back. While keeping my core flexed, I hold 15 pound weights at eye level and rock side to side. My legs stay straight and stationary as I bend and flex at the oblique. I girate in as many positions as I can until I feel my obliques catch fire. Always keep your core flexed while doing this workout. Once I cannot bend anymore from side to side, I then conclude my workout with Supermans.

Matt Alfieri, light heavyweight boxer of Melbourne Florida.

Boxing is a great Ab/oblique workout. While fearing a bodyshot, your abs should almost always be tightened. The force and twist used to throw a punch targets those pesky lower back and oblique muscles. When I am not training these muscles in the ring, I am training them with weights. As shown below, the flexing of my obliques as I throw the right hand.

Matthew Alfieri of Melbourne, Florida

For those looking to shed weight, I encourage boxing for all. All muscles are used while boxing. You will experience a soreness in muscles you didn’t even know you had. For many, lower back abs obliques are those forgotten about muscles. I hope I was of help 🙂

Cuomo, Worse than Covid..

New York is the most fled state in the country. The conditions have become almost unlivable. Property taxes are through the roof, cash bail has been eliminated, crime is surging and the state was shut down for a year. Andrew Cuomo is a parasite 🦠. As discussed in my prior articles, I left New York for Florida in 2014. 7 years later, many have followed. Subsequent to my move, my health has tremendously improved. The costly stress of NY living was alleviated by my move to Melbourne, Florida, and my overall health has improved..

Unfortunately for them, my family still lives in New York. When Covid hit in early 2020, the problems of New York came to a head. New York is the most bankrupt state in the country. The state could not fund additional hospital space, so drastic lockdowns were enforced. Covid positive geriatrics were put back into nursing homes to preserve hospital space, this was enforced by Andrew Cuomo himself. New York has become a state of miserable costly living and death. Despite the fact New York was shut down for a year, they have almost twice the Covid deaths of Florida. But there are things worse than Covid. Below is a photo of myself and my mother.

My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in January of 2020. One month later, New York shut down and cancer facilities were not accepting new patients. My mother’s cancer went untreated until the summer. What could have been a simple surgery is now a long battle with chemo. Co-morbidities are almost never mentioned. Dr. Fauci is an infectious disease doctor who has not seen a patient in 40 years. His misleading words cause active doctors to be censored on all platforms. Democrat leadership is parasitic everywhere it exists. My mother’s story is one of many. Every elderly killed by Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home order (below) has a story and a family who was affected.

Andrew Cuomo’s deadly nursing home order

There isn’t a single statistic that can convince anyone Andrew Cuomo is a competent governor. The debt, the deaths, the crime, the shutdowns, the population decline.. Andrew Cuomo is the worst governor in American history. Yet he is in his THIRD term. Did you know he won an Emmy ? When will the people of New York wake up or have those awakened already relocated ? To anyone affected by Andrew Cuomo, just know you are not alone.

Governor Ron DeSantis is my Savior… No-mo Cuomo for me !

Our hero

As you may know, I left NYC for Florida in 2014. Having lived under Andrew Cuomo, I am truly grateful for our Governor Ron DeSantis. Here in Florida, we have no state income tax, no city taxes, low tolls, low property taxes, and our state finished fiscal year 2020 with a SEVENTY billion dollar surplus (despite the pandemic). This means that our local taxes in Florida will remain low. Florida’s statement of Net Position below from the 2020 Florida CAFR (consolidated audited financial reports):

People are fleeing the bankrupt and high-tax Democrat run states like NY and California. Because of this, our Florida real estate market is surging, our streets are safe, we have half the covid deaths of NY (and we never truly shut down). We have the GREATEST Governor in the country 🇺🇸 DO NOT let a liberal tell you otherwise.

How Florida’s Covid stats rank among NY’s. Aside from the fact NY has far more mortalities, NY has a 2.4% mortality rate while Florida has a 1.5% mortality rate.

Andrew Cuomo is a complete failure. He issued an executive order on March 25, 2020 forcing elderly Covid positive patients into Nursing Homes. While releasing this order, Andrew Cuomo had both the Javitz center and the navy hospital ship to use as additional hospital space for Covid patients. Instead, Andrew Cuomo signed the executive order below, sending covid positive geriatrics to nursing homes which resulted in the deaths of many. Below is Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home executive order:

Andrew Cuomo’s deadly Executive Order

Andrew Cuomo did not just botch Covid. NY is also the most bankrupt state in the country. Below is the NYC CAFR from 2020. NY finished fiscal year 2020 over 205 BILLION dollars in debt. There is no other way to say it. Andy, you are a failure.

NYC CAFR 2020 depicting a debt of over 205 Billion dollars, while Florida has a 69 Billion dollar surplus.

Below I have put together a compilation of Andrew Cuomo’s shortcomings.

Cuomo The failure.

America the Great 🇺🇸

In today’s culture, it is common to hear negative viewpoints about America’s past. But let’s not forget. We are the greatest country to have ever existed. Myself and my beautiful Fiancé are proud to be American.

America is the greatest country in the history of the world.
As a Sicilian, I am biracial. My grandparents/great grandparents both White🇮🇹and Brown🇲🇦 immigrated here seeking opportunities and wealth. As the daughter of Immigrants, my mom started a company once valued in the 10s of millions of dollars and my father retired as a state Supreme Court Judge.

My Mixed Grandparents of Sicily and my African Ancestry.

No country can compare. If you’re a loser stop blaming America for your failures

Racist ?
We have the most black millionaires, the most black billionaires, and have accepted more than 50 MILLION immigrants. America is the least racist country in existence. We are the most linguistically diverse country in the world. Name a country less racist ?

Who does it better ?
Every medical advancement over the past 100 years has come from the US. 50% of the top 20 largest medical tech companies are here in the US. We dominate this market as countries around the world use OUR technology. We’ve invented:
The Hep B vaccine
The Smallpox Vaccine
The Polio Vaccine
The Ebola Vaccine
The Hep C cure
The Corona Vaccine
Kidney Transplant
HIV treatments (1 pill a day)
Open heart Surgery
Brain Surgery
Surgical robot units
We have the longest cancer survival time among patients (Study from the Lancet medical journal)
And MUCH MORE. Why would we want to change these successful systems of capitalism and quick innovation. No nation performs like the United States.

Truly as yourselves: Where would the world be without us ?

The Red State Surge and Why I moved to Florida.

Melbourne, Florida

Why I left NY for Florida.

I’d like to share my story, I moved to FL from NY 6 years ago. I was born and raised as a Democrat but quickly switched when I learned about FL’s laid back cost friendly red way of life. I think it is very IMPORTANT for all persons to learn what life is like on both sides before voting. I have learned the hard way that elections have consequences.

2012 – To my days as a NYS Accountant fresh out of Fordham University. I had the displeasure of watching Andrew Cuomo and the liberal powers in place sell my entire state out to the labor unions upon constructing the Tappanzee bridge (later renamed the Cuomo). In doing so they agreed to pay the Tappanzee Bridge builders almost $100 an hour, 10$ higher than the national average hourly wage for a general care physician (according to the BLS). In doing this, it propelled our home, NYC’s neighboring counties – Westchester and Rockland to #1 and #2 in the COUNTRY in property taxes. In the end NY ended up paying 4 billion dollars for 3 miles of bridge (FL built the 7 mile bridge for 45 million). This was not the first time the liberal leaders of NY sold us out. +25% of the MTA train cleaners make over $100K a year, Garbage men, firefighters and Police Officers make well over +$100K. Virtually ALL municipal employees in the lower liberal NYC area are compensated with a tax payer funded Doctor’s salary. The MTA could actually be a source of revenue for the State of NY, but because of the liberals + union laws in place, it is a source of massive debt and additional taxation. NY is a prime example as to why unions should be illegal in government as NOBODY should be allowed to strike against the tax payers. This is the liberal induced mob mentality that is ruining our country. What is most sad is that the people of NY are so brainwashed by the media that they think Trump is the enemy. They’re so distracted by the anti-trump media, they can’t even see the thievery going on right in front of them.

I am so happy to be in Florida, a red right to work state where labor unions have no power. To all of my fellow Floridians who voted blue for Andrew Gillum for Governor (the union guy seeking to bring a state tax to Florida) because the TV told you voting red was racist, try living in solid blue territory – like the ten counties mentioned below. All 10 counties vote Democrat (which all have an additional state and some a city tax). I guarantee you will change your voting habits.

My Four Reasons to Date a Republican Woman

Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida Andrea Fl pool

My Andrea is the model Republican girl ❤️Get yourself a REPUBLICAN woman. My FOUR reasons to date Republican:

1 – Unwilling to accept handouts and failure, While the majority of the Democrat party is reliant on some form of taxpayer funded government handout.. My Andrea’s father walked out of her life when she was small. While working 2-3 jobs at once – she put herself through College and has paid off her car, ALL with minimal parental guidance. As of 2019 her car was paid off, she graduated college and is registered by the state in her medical field. During her schooling she continued to work and INSISTED to pay for half of our utility bills at home.

2 – Hardworking, she passed her registry exams and began working during the heat of Covid in a field that involves saving Covid patient’s lives while putting herself at risk. As Democrat LOSER states are pushing lockdowns and hiding in their basements shivering at the idea of Covid, Andrea is applying breathing treatments, managing ventilators and caring for Covid positive patients.

3 – Valuable, While loser liberal states need to pass union laws to forcefully assign a value to their laborer’s useless and easily replaceable production, my girlfriend’s labor is of ACTUAL value in a career that involves breathing for people. Andrea saves up to 10 lives a day. Unions are not needed for Republicans 👌.

4 – Fiscal responsibility, My Andrea is extremely responsible and has no debt. Democrat policies are responsible for ALL OF OUR NATIONAL DEBT (Medicaid, Medicaid, Social Security, Unions). Democrat states are THE MOST in debt states in the country (NY,NJ,CA) and are currently begging for federal bailouts. Democrats have NO fiscal compass whatsoever. Andrea never begged for a bailout, she worked two-three jobs, paid off her car, college, and is 100% debt free. She is now a registered professional saving lives daily

Thank you America 🇺🇸

This has truly been the most amazing 4th of July ever with my beautiful future wife. We were so blessed to watch Barack Obama’s yearbook hero Donald Trump speak. As the children/grandchildren of immigrants (all of them white, black or Hispanic) we are proud that our families came to this country to create a better life and provide opportunities for us 🇺🇸. Andrea and I are personifications of the American dream. As two personifications of this dream we were blessed to have the opportunity to watch the poster child of the American Dream: Donald Trump talk on this beautiful holiday. Growing up in NY he was my idol, his name was everywhere as he built the skyline of my home city. Unfortunately, in recent years our city fell under dangerous and costly Democrat leadership. Both myself and Donald Trump subsequently relocated to the great state of Florida. His presidential candidacy was a tremendous pushback on those very policies that drove me (and others) out of NY. In 2014 I moved to Florida. My morale was very low. Donald Trump’s candidacy and fight against the high tax, union sell out, career politicians (who drove me out of my home state) made me proud to be an American again. He has also made me realize the greatness of my home state of Florida. 4th of July means more to me now than it ever has. Our country is on the brink of socialism. The left is trying to re-write our history (1619 project instead of 1776). The left is trying to impose crippling taxes, foreign dependence, and simultaneously teach our children big government socialist ideas. If these democrats get their way, 1776 will be no more. Yesterday I was blessed to sit among great patriots who believe what I believe. Most of them are refugees from Cuba, Venezuela, USSR, China, or like me NY. I will never cave into the left’s agenda EVER and will always fight to keep this country the greatest place it is. Happy birthday America 🇺🇸

My African-Italian immigrant grandmother who came to this country for opportunity and wealth.