Cuomo, Worse than Covid..

New York is the most fled state in the country. The conditions have become almost unlivable. Property taxes are through the roof, cash bail has been eliminated, crime is surging and the state was shut down for a year. Andrew Cuomo is a parasite 🦠. As discussed in my prior articles, I left New York for Florida in 2014. 7 years later, many have followed. Subsequent to my move, my health has tremendously improved. The costly stress of NY living was alleviated by my move to Melbourne, Florida, and my overall health has improved..

Unfortunately for them, my family still lives in New York. When Covid hit in early 2020, the problems of New York came to a head. New York is the most bankrupt state in the country. The state could not fund additional hospital space, so drastic lockdowns were enforced. Covid positive geriatrics were put back into nursing homes to preserve hospital space, this was enforced by Andrew Cuomo himself. New York has become a state of miserable costly living and death. Despite the fact New York was shut down for a year, they have almost twice the Covid deaths of Florida. But there are things worse than Covid. Below is a photo of myself and my mother.

My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in January of 2020. One month later, New York shut down and cancer facilities were not accepting new patients. My mother’s cancer went untreated until the summer. What could have been a simple surgery is now a long battle with chemo. Co-morbidities are almost never mentioned. Dr. Fauci is an infectious disease doctor who has not seen a patient in 40 years. His misleading words cause active doctors to be censored on all platforms. Democrat leadership is parasitic everywhere it exists. My mother’s story is one of many. Every elderly killed by Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home order (below) has a story and a family who was affected.

Andrew Cuomo’s deadly nursing home order

There isn’t a single statistic that can convince anyone Andrew Cuomo is a competent governor. The debt, the deaths, the crime, the shutdowns, the population decline.. Andrew Cuomo is the worst governor in American history. Yet he is in his THIRD term. Did you know he won an Emmy ? When will the people of New York wake up or have those awakened already relocated ? To anyone affected by Andrew Cuomo, just know you are not alone.

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