Governor Ron DeSantis is my Savior… No-mo Cuomo for me !

Our hero

As you may know, I left NYC for Florida in 2014. Having lived under Andrew Cuomo, I am truly grateful for our Governor Ron DeSantis. Here in Florida, we have no state income tax, no city taxes, low tolls, low property taxes, and our state finished fiscal year 2020 with a SEVENTY billion dollar surplus (despite the pandemic). This means that our local taxes in Florida will remain low. Florida’s statement of Net Position below from the 2020 Florida CAFR (consolidated audited financial reports):

People are fleeing the bankrupt and high-tax Democrat run states like NY and California. Because of this, our Florida real estate market is surging, our streets are safe, we have half the covid deaths of NY (and we never truly shut down). We have the GREATEST Governor in the country 🇺🇸 DO NOT let a liberal tell you otherwise.

How Florida’s Covid stats rank among NY’s. Aside from the fact NY has far more mortalities, NY has a 2.4% mortality rate while Florida has a 1.5% mortality rate.

Andrew Cuomo is a complete failure. He issued an executive order on March 25, 2020 forcing elderly Covid positive patients into Nursing Homes. While releasing this order, Andrew Cuomo had both the Javitz center and the navy hospital ship to use as additional hospital space for Covid patients. Instead, Andrew Cuomo signed the executive order below, sending covid positive geriatrics to nursing homes which resulted in the deaths of many. Below is Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home executive order:

Andrew Cuomo’s deadly Executive Order

Andrew Cuomo did not just botch Covid. NY is also the most bankrupt state in the country. Below is the NYC CAFR from 2020. NY finished fiscal year 2020 over 205 BILLION dollars in debt. There is no other way to say it. Andy, you are a failure.

NYC CAFR 2020 depicting a debt of over 205 Billion dollars, while Florida has a 69 Billion dollar surplus.

Below I have put together a compilation of Andrew Cuomo’s shortcomings.

Cuomo The failure.


  1. dariusmarley says:

    Good post! I’ve been a full-time voiceover guy since 2010, and I’m currently donating free studio time for select MAGA, America First, and Made-in-USA projects. Let me know how I can help you!

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  2. Viera Bill says:

    Good start Matt!


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