Andrea & Matt

Andrea and I met in March of 2015. At the time I had just blindly moved to Melbourne, Florida. The state of New York was going further into debt and I was desperate to jump ship. One day in March, I decided to go to the beach with the few friends I had at the time. The idea of being on the beach in March always seemed so far fetched as I have never experienced a Floridian winter before. My two friends and I arrived at Coconuts on the Beach. It was then my one friend invited Andrea to join us. Having only ever experienced New York women, I was immediate attracted to Andrea’s kind and gentle nature. She was so different than the rough and hostile women I was used to.

We started dated on May 28th, 2015. Five years later we are now engaged. Andrea has changed my life for the better. She has helped me adapt to Florida living. She is a beautiful, cultured, southern sweetheart and I am truly blessed ❤️


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