The Red State Surge and Why I moved to Florida.

Melbourne, Florida

Why I left NY for Florida.

I’d like to share my story, I moved to FL from NY 6 years ago. I was born and raised as a Democrat but quickly switched when I learned about FL’s laid back cost friendly red way of life. I think it is very IMPORTANT for all persons to learn what life is like on both sides before voting. I have learned the hard way that elections have consequences.

2012 – To my days as a NYS Accountant fresh out of Fordham University. I had the displeasure of watching Andrew Cuomo and the liberal powers in place sell my entire state out to the labor unions upon constructing the Tappanzee bridge (later renamed the Cuomo). In doing so they agreed to pay the Tappanzee Bridge builders almost $100 an hour, 10$ higher than the national average hourly wage for a general care physician (according to the BLS). In doing this, it propelled our home, NYC’s neighboring counties – Westchester and Rockland to #1 and #2 in the COUNTRY in property taxes. In the end NY ended up paying 4 billion dollars for 3 miles of bridge (FL built the 7 mile bridge for 45 million). This was not the first time the liberal leaders of NY sold us out. +25% of the MTA train cleaners make over $100K a year, Garbage men, firefighters and Police Officers make well over +$100K. Virtually ALL municipal employees in the lower liberal NYC area are compensated with a tax payer funded Doctor’s salary. The MTA could actually be a source of revenue for the State of NY, but because of the liberals + union laws in place, it is a source of massive debt and additional taxation. NY is a prime example as to why unions should be illegal in government as NOBODY should be allowed to strike against the tax payers. This is the liberal induced mob mentality that is ruining our country. What is most sad is that the people of NY are so brainwashed by the media that they think Trump is the enemy. They’re so distracted by the anti-trump media, they can’t even see the thievery going on right in front of them.

I am so happy to be in Florida, a red right to work state where labor unions have no power. To all of my fellow Floridians who voted blue for Andrew Gillum for Governor (the union guy seeking to bring a state tax to Florida) because the TV told you voting red was racist, try living in solid blue territory – like the ten counties mentioned below. All 10 counties vote Democrat (which all have an additional state and some a city tax). I guarantee you will change your voting habits.

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