My Four Reasons to Date a Republican Woman

Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida Andrea Fl pool

My Andrea is the model Republican girl ❤️Get yourself a REPUBLICAN woman. My FOUR reasons to date Republican:

1 – Unwilling to accept handouts and failure, While the majority of the Democrat party is reliant on some form of taxpayer funded government handout.. My Andrea’s father walked out of her life when she was small. While working 2-3 jobs at once – she put herself through College and has paid off her car, ALL with minimal parental guidance. As of 2019 her car was paid off, she graduated college and is registered by the state in her medical field. During her schooling she continued to work and INSISTED to pay for half of our utility bills at home.

2 – Hardworking, she passed her registry exams and began working during the heat of Covid in a field that involves saving Covid patient’s lives while putting herself at risk. As Democrat LOSER states are pushing lockdowns and hiding in their basements shivering at the idea of Covid, Andrea is applying breathing treatments, managing ventilators and caring for Covid positive patients.

3 – Valuable, While loser liberal states need to pass union laws to forcefully assign a value to their laborer’s useless and easily replaceable production, my girlfriend’s labor is of ACTUAL value in a career that involves breathing for people. Andrea saves up to 10 lives a day. Unions are not needed for Republicans 👌.

4 – Fiscal responsibility, My Andrea is extremely responsible and has no debt. Democrat policies are responsible for ALL OF OUR NATIONAL DEBT (Medicaid, Medicaid, Social Security, Unions). Democrat states are THE MOST in debt states in the country (NY,NJ,CA) and are currently begging for federal bailouts. Democrats have NO fiscal compass whatsoever. Andrea never begged for a bailout, she worked two-three jobs, paid off her car, college, and is 100% debt free. She is now a registered professional saving lives daily


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