America the Great 🇺🇸

In today’s culture, it is common to hear negative viewpoints about America’s past. But let’s not forget. We are the greatest country to have ever existed. Myself and my beautiful Fiancé are proud to be American.

America is the greatest country in the history of the world.
As a Sicilian, I am biracial. My grandparents/great grandparents both White🇮🇹and Brown🇲🇦 immigrated here seeking opportunities and wealth. As the daughter of Immigrants, my mom started a company once valued in the 10s of millions of dollars and my father retired as a state Supreme Court Judge.

My Mixed Grandparents of Sicily and my African Ancestry.

No country can compare. If you’re a loser stop blaming America for your failures

Racist ?
We have the most black millionaires, the most black billionaires, and have accepted more than 50 MILLION immigrants. America is the least racist country in existence. We are the most linguistically diverse country in the world. Name a country less racist ?

Who does it better ?
Every medical advancement over the past 100 years has come from the US. 50% of the top 20 largest medical tech companies are here in the US. We dominate this market as countries around the world use OUR technology. We’ve invented:
The Hep B vaccine
The Smallpox Vaccine
The Polio Vaccine
The Ebola Vaccine
The Hep C cure
The Corona Vaccine
Kidney Transplant
HIV treatments (1 pill a day)
Open heart Surgery
Brain Surgery
Surgical robot units
We have the longest cancer survival time among patients (Study from the Lancet medical journal)
And MUCH MORE. Why would we want to change these successful systems of capitalism and quick innovation. No nation performs like the United States.

Truly as yourselves: Where would the world be without us ?

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