Thank you America 🇺🇸

This has truly been the most amazing 4th of July ever with my beautiful future wife. We were so blessed to watch Barack Obama’s yearbook hero Donald Trump speak. As the children/grandchildren of immigrants (all of them white, black or Hispanic) we are proud that our families came to this country to create a better life and provide opportunities for us 🇺🇸. Andrea and I are personifications of the American dream. As two personifications of this dream we were blessed to have the opportunity to watch the poster child of the American Dream: Donald Trump talk on this beautiful holiday. Growing up in NY he was my idol, his name was everywhere as he built the skyline of my home city. Unfortunately, in recent years our city fell under dangerous and costly Democrat leadership. Both myself and Donald Trump subsequently relocated to the great state of Florida. His presidential candidacy was a tremendous pushback on those very policies that drove me (and others) out of NY. In 2014 I moved to Florida. My morale was very low. Donald Trump’s candidacy and fight against the high tax, union sell out, career politicians (who drove me out of my home state) made me proud to be an American again. He has also made me realize the greatness of my home state of Florida. 4th of July means more to me now than it ever has. Our country is on the brink of socialism. The left is trying to re-write our history (1619 project instead of 1776). The left is trying to impose crippling taxes, foreign dependence, and simultaneously teach our children big government socialist ideas. If these democrats get their way, 1776 will be no more. Yesterday I was blessed to sit among great patriots who believe what I believe. Most of them are refugees from Cuba, Venezuela, USSR, China, or like me NY. I will never cave into the left’s agenda EVER and will always fight to keep this country the greatest place it is. Happy birthday America 🇺🇸

My African-Italian immigrant grandmother who came to this country for opportunity and wealth.

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